I could not have had my baby without Annie! Ok- baby would have came anyway, but Annie made the entire process so much better! From her home visits with us before and after birth- to staying in the hospital with us ALL NIGHT LONG! She was amazing! So supportive and caring, she truly made the process so much easier. I didn’t have the easiest of labors (water broke one Saturday afternoon and I didn’t have my little one until Monday around 12:30pm). I wanted a natural drug free birth, and ended up with almost every medical intervention besides a c-section (Pitocin, epidural, episiotomy), but even still, Annie was so great through all of it, I was SO glad I had her there with me. Once we were home a few days she came for another visit, I was having trouble getting my little one to latch for breastfeeding and Annie even helped with that too! She’s so knowledgeable and full of great information, tips and tricks. Now LO eats and sleeps like a champ! My husband and I are truly grateful for all of her services and help bringing our little one into the world… So grateful for everything she has done for us <3



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