I have nothing but amazing things to say about Annie and our experience with hiring her. I am SO glad I did especially since it was my first pregnancy. I learned more from her and our meetings than my actual OB. I felt educated and prepared to go into labor when the time came. You can tell Annie has a passion about birthing people and advocating for them.

She is also focused on helping and educating the birthing persons partner. Annie helped my husband have a better understanding about pregnancy and birth which helped us have a better relationship through out my pregnancy. We both were on the same page when it came time to go to the hospital. It was super helpful.

Highly recommend her even if it’s not your first pregnancy! She exceeded our expectations for sure!

Danielle D.

I won’t forget about the nights that Annie came to wake me up at night every two hours, brought baby to me, and sat by my bedside to make sure baby and I stayed awake while breastfeeding. She was always providing breastfeeding guidance whenever I had questions. Annie was a very caring and positive person. She checked in on me even though it’s not the day she needed to come over. Her schedule was super flexible and she always made sure to let me know about her availability in advance.

Leann N.

For my first pregnancy and delivery, I had the notion that we (husband, baby and I) would all be better off if we worked with a doula, and in working with Annie, this was so so true! I can truthfully say that Annie exceeded my hopes for what a doula would bring to the process. From the first prenatal visit to the postpartum visit and everything in between, she was positive, knowledgeable, compassionate and truly ‘there’ for any issue that came up, both physical and emotional. For labor and delivery, her suggestions and support with comfort measures, as well as advocacy in the hospital setting, made all the difference. I am convinced my labor would have been significantly longer if not for her support. Annie is an amazing doula and I would recommend her to anyone without any reservations!

Laura J.

I can’t say enough nice things about Annie – and about having a doula in general. From a husband’s perspective, it allowed me to more thoroughly experience and enjoy the birth. My advice for the fellas: a doula can take the pressure off you when it comes to providing support during the birth. That will not lead to you sitting in the corner – it will lead to you being more open, involved, and supportive during this crazy process.

Matthew C.