I have nothing but amazing things to say about Annie and our experience with hiring her. I am SO glad I did especially since it was my first pregnancy. I learned more from her and our meetings than my actual OB. I felt educated and prepared to go into labor when the time came. You can tell Annie has a passion about birthing people and advocating for them.

She is also focused on helping and educating the birthing persons partner. Annie helped my husband have a better understanding about pregnancy and birth which helped us have a better relationship through out my pregnancy. We both were on the same page when it came time to go to the hospital. It was super helpful.

Highly recommend her even if it’s not your first pregnancy! She exceeded our expectations for sure!

Danielle D.

I won’t forget about the nights that Annie came to wake me up at night every two hours, brought baby to me, and sat by my bedside to make sure baby and I stayed awake while breastfeeding. She was always providing breastfeeding guidance whenever I had questions. Annie was a very caring and positive person. She checked in on me even though it’s not the day she needed to come over. Her schedule was super flexible and she always made sure to let me know about her availability in advance.

Leann N.

For my first pregnancy and delivery, I had the notion that we (husband, baby and I) would all be better off if we worked with a doula, and in working with Annie, this was so so true! I can truthfully say that Annie exceeded my hopes for what a doula would bring to the process. From the first prenatal visit to the postpartum visit and everything in between, she was positive, knowledgeable, compassionate and truly ‘there’ for any issue that came up, both physical and emotional. For labor and delivery, her suggestions and support with comfort measures, as well as advocacy in the hospital setting, made all the difference. I am convinced my labor would have been significantly longer if not for her support. Annie is an amazing doula and I would recommend her to anyone without any reservations!

Laura J.

I can’t say enough nice things about Annie – and about having a doula in general. From a husband’s perspective, it allowed me to more thoroughly experience and enjoy the birth. My advice for the fellas: a doula can take the pressure off you when it comes to providing support during the birth. That will not lead to you sitting in the corner – it will lead to you being more open, involved, and supportive during this crazy process.

Matthew C.

Annie helped make my birthing experience what I’ve always imagined it to be. She was responsive, listened to us and filled in the knowledge gaps when the medical staff did not explain things properly. Annie is an angel and we are grateful for having her as our doula! Thank you Annie for all you’ve done for our family!

Brianna F.

Hire her! I interviewed multiple doula companies and I’m so glad I hired Annie. At week 28 I was overwhelmed with the information I’d consumed preparing for an unmedicated birth and knew I wanted to hire a doula to support my partner and I through the birth process.

Annie met with us multiple times before birth and helped us think through all the what if’s and prepare mentally and physically. At week 38 my birth plan went out the window because my midwife team convinced me my baby was ‘too big’ to wait. Annie was there for me on the phone as soon as I got this news to help me think it through, and sort through my options.

This was my worst case scenario since I was so set on an unmedicated birth at the birthing center. I was induced 3 days later, and because of Annie’s support we were able to make conscious decisions in the hospital about the medications I was being given and how often, going as slow as I wanted to with the induction, and being empowered to say no when something didn’t feel right.

I was still able to labor in the water, and having Annie coach my husband and I through the active labor made all the difference for my birth.

Although the whole induction experience was long and uncomfortable at times, with Annie’s expert advice and knowledge I was still able to have the birth experience I desired!

I labored in the tub for 8+ hours and was able to “moan my baby down” until I was ready to push. It only took one massive push and my son came out and did a somersault into the OBs arms! She didn’t have time to put on her gloves and exclaimed that she had never seen anything like it with a first time mom. And that she had never witnessed someone actually moan their baby down before.

My son was able to do the fetal ejection where I felt him twirl and kick out of me in one push! This was something I had read about and was hoping to experience but knew it was rare, and is said to only happen in unmedicated births.

I attribute this being able to happen during my induction due to the expert knowledge Annie had of what positions to put me and the atmosphere we created as a team to make the hospital room as comfortable as possible.

Annie was such a gift, I’m so grateful to her and the authentic connection we created before and during my birth. Hire her!!!

Morgan F.

I can’t say enough nice things about Annie!
Being a Doula is truly her calling and she is gifted with compassion and has such a peaceful nature! She is very knowledgeable about the birth process and really puts you at ease. I was the best friend of one of her clients and saw firsthand what an amazing doula she is. She was a confident advocate for my friend with hospital staff, gently reminding and redirecting to the birth plan they came up with beforehand. She even rubbed lotion on my friends feet. She was in it until the end, even sleeping on the floor on a blanket when we had some time to rest and Mom to be was sleeping. I am a mother of three and had I known what a Doula is and how much better they can make the birth experience I would’ve had one for all three of mine. The service that she provides is priceless and she’s definitely worth a lot more than what she charges!!

Brynn D.

If I could give 10 starts I would. Annie is absolutely divine!!!! My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Annie as our birth doula. She helped us form a birth plan for EVERY occasion, she talked us through difficult pregnancy related questions, and advocated on my behalf like a trusted warrior during my labor and delivery. And as a bonus Annie did a house call mid pandemic to perform some exercises to help baby turn and move downwards. I had an unexpected non-medicated water birth with my husband and Annie by my side, and I will NEVER forget how beautiful the experience was. God willing for my next baby I will search the end of the earth to find Annie as my doula.

Imani M.

I could not have had my baby without Annie! Ok- baby would have came anyway, but Annie made the entire process so much better! From her home visits with us before and after birth- to staying in the hospital with us ALL NIGHT LONG! She was amazing! So supportive and caring, she truly made the process so much easier. I didn’t have the easiest of labors (water broke one Saturday afternoon and I didn’t have my little one until Monday around 12:30pm). I wanted a natural drug free birth, and ended up with almost every medical intervention besides a c-section (Pitocin, epidural, episiotomy), but even still, Annie was so great through all of it, I was SO glad I had her there with me. Once we were home a few days she came for another visit, I was having trouble getting my little one to latch for breastfeeding and Annie even helped with that too! She’s so knowledgeable and full of great information, tips and tricks. Now LO eats and sleeps like a champ! My husband and I are truly grateful for all of her services and help bringing our little one into the world… So grateful for everything she has done for us <3

Jessica B.

Annie White was incredible during my 46-hour labor. I had never met her in person before because of Covid but it felt like I knew her for years. She kept me calm and focused. My birth was difficult but I know it would have been far more challenging without Annie. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula, especially for a first birth. Thanks, Annie! 🙂

Marissa L.-S.

I worked with Annie while caring for a patient whose first language was not English, making communication slightly more challenging. Annie still made every effort to make sure the patient felt safe, supported and understood, even down to scratching her back if she felt itchy! She supported the patient both during labor and delivery and after delivery to ensure that the patient felt comfortable entering her new role as a Mother. The patient was incredibly grateful to Annie for being there to support her during her labor, as well as I because I had a sense of security knowing that she would be well cared for! Annie’s passion for supporting women during their labor and delivery is both refreshing and inspiring. It was a pleasure to work with her!

Christine P.