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Hi this is Annie White, a birth and postpartum doula from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love talking about all things baby — whether that be your pregnancy questions, your birth fears, or newborn life. Ask a Doula is the place for you to get a doula’s perspective.

As someone who has witnessed dozens of births and served families of all kinds, I am a vital resource for helping you prepare for your new world with baby!

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Let’s talk about birth and babies!

Keep following along to see what kinds of questions my doula clients are asking, or ask your own question to see it featured on the blog!

What are my doula clients asking?

I am so impressed with my doula clients — they ask the BEST questions! And part of my role as their doula is to educate them, and get them the resources they need to feel informed and make the best decision for their family. I believe confidence grows when we are informed, and confident parents feel secure in knowing they made the best choices at the time.

Follow this blog to hear my responses to common (and some uncommon) doula client questions I’m hearing from parents like you.

Want to ask the doula?

Your burning doula question hasn’t been asked and answered yet? Submit your own questions to Ask a Doula and see it answered on the blog! Want to ask a question about birth or postpartum?

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