I can’t say enough nice things about Annie!
Being a Doula is truly her calling and she is gifted with compassion and has such a peaceful nature! She is very knowledgeable about the birth process and really puts you at ease. I was the best friend of one of her clients and saw firsthand what an amazing doula she is. She was a confident advocate for my friend with hospital staff, gently reminding and redirecting to the birth plan they came up with beforehand. She even rubbed lotion on my friends feet. She was in it until the end, even sleeping on the floor on a blanket when we had some time to rest and Mom to be was sleeping. I am a mother of three and had I known what a Doula is and how much better they can make the birth experience I would’ve had one for all three of mine. The service that she provides is priceless and she’s definitely worth a lot more than what she charges!!



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