Hire her! I interviewed multiple doula companies and I’m so glad I hired Annie. At week 28 I was overwhelmed with the information I’d consumed preparing for an unmedicated birth and knew I wanted to hire a doula to support my partner and I through the birth process.

Annie met with us multiple times before birth and helped us think through all the what if’s and prepare mentally and physically. At week 38 my birth plan went out the window because my midwife team convinced me my baby was ‘too big’ to wait. Annie was there for me on the phone as soon as I got this news to help me think it through, and sort through my options.

This was my worst case scenario since I was so set on an unmedicated birth at the birthing center. I was induced 3 days later, and because of Annie’s support we were able to make conscious decisions in the hospital about the medications I was being given and how often, going as slow as I wanted to with the induction, and being empowered to say no when something didn’t feel right.

I was still able to labor in the water, and having Annie coach my husband and I through the active labor made all the difference for my birth.

Although the whole induction experience was long and uncomfortable at times, with Annie’s expert advice and knowledge I was still able to have the birth experience I desired!

I labored in the tub for 8+ hours and was able to “moan my baby down” until I was ready to push. It only took one massive push and my son came out and did a somersault into the OBs arms! She didn’t have time to put on her gloves and exclaimed that she had never seen anything like it with a first time mom. And that she had never witnessed someone actually moan their baby down before.

My son was able to do the fetal ejection where I felt him twirl and kick out of me in one push! This was something I had read about and was hoping to experience but knew it was rare, and is said to only happen in unmedicated births.

I attribute this being able to happen during my induction due to the expert knowledge Annie had of what positions to put me and the atmosphere we created as a team to make the hospital room as comfortable as possible.

Annie was such a gift, I’m so grateful to her and the authentic connection we created before and during my birth. Hire her!!!



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